About the Wisconsin Higher Education Business Roundtable

MISSION: The Wisconsin Higher Education Business Roundtable is dedicated to the promotion of a world-class public university system capable of providing Wisconsin’s students, citizens, governments and businesses with the educational, research and developmental resources they need to secure Wisconsin’s economic vitality and sustain its unique quality of life. Members of the Roundtable include more than 30 senior managers from businesses throughout the state, most of which have an established relationship with the University of Wisconsin System. The members of the Roundtable gather four times a year to discuss activities that affect Wisconsin’s ability to sustain a world-class public university system. In addition, specific UW System senior management and UW chancellors are invited to participate in the quarterly Roundtable discussions to help the members build a platform for more productive, responsive and efficient lines of communication between the business and public sectors, and the University of Wisconsin System. Through these discussions, the Roundtable will enhance its members understanding of the priorities being addressed, encourage discussion between the UW System and Roundtable members and lead to the identification of an agenda for further study and/or action.

OBJECTIVES: Specifically, the Roundtable will strive to help the UW System:

  • modernize the management of its important resources;
  • enhance its efforts to identify and contribute constructively to efforts that benefit the citizens and the economy of Wisconsin;
  • interact and engage more effectively and efficiently with its key audiences and customers; and
  • develop a network of informed citizens to whom the UW System can turn for input, constructive criticism and, when appropriate, support.

STRUCTURE: The Wisconsin Higher Education Business Roundtable is a 501(c)(3) organization. The organization recognizes four levels of membership.